Old Love Letter

When the World Turns Into You

When I Come Looking for You

When I Come Looking for You

Loving You (The Way I Used To)

In Your Eyes (Mix 2)

I Will Still Be Here For You

Wherever Forever Lies (Alternate Version)

Shake It Up

Ruby Shoes (Mix 2)

That Girl is Mine

Even After All This Time

Sliding Down the Rainbow

What Will I Do If You Leave Me

Thats What Love Feels Like

Paint the Sky

Angel In My Arms

Wherever Forever Lies (From Sari)

Between Innocence and Reality

Majesty of Love

Late Night Dining Experience With Tom Waits (Sari Version)

Even if We Never Met

Whatever It Takes (Mix 2)

Oh No (Let’s Keep This Between Us)

I’ll Let You Slip Away

One Red Rose

Let Me Be

I Think I Like You (Alternate Mix)

Back to You

I Can’t Let It Go (Demo)

I Love You (I Love You Too)

No Future In It

Long Long Time Ago

Love is Worth Fighting For


Love Is Worth Fighting For

I Can’t Love You Anymore Than I Already Do

Love Is My Religion

Passing of Days (Guitar Mix)

I Can’t Love You Anymore

The Heart Has a Mind Of It’s Own

The Priceless Gift of Love (Mix 1)

I’ll Walk With You

I’m Over Losing You

Not Tonight (Male Version)

When You Believe in Yourself (Mix 3)

Three Last Word to Write (Mix 1)

Mirror to the World

This Bridge Has Already Been Burned

Mansions in My Mind (Alternate Singer)

Everything Happens for a Reason

When the Love is Gone (Mix 2) (Male Voice)

Love is Worth Fighting For (Different Version)

Where Do We Go

I’ve Tried and Tried (Better Off Without You)

Break Up to Make Up

I’m New York She is California

My Heart

Somewhere Between Your World and Mine

Ordinary Angel

Dry River

If I Stop Loving You

Rise (Mix 2)

The Flower You Carry

Rise (Mix 2)

The Flower You Carry

Wherever You Are

Love Never Takes a Back Seat

Cups (Instrumental)

You’re Gone

Till I Saw You

These Things I Never Did For You

Let the River Speak

How Many Pieces Make a Broken Heart

Through These Tears

Aquamarine (Alternate Mix)

The Journey (Mix 2)

It’s a New Day

Learning How to Live Without You

Broken Hearts Broken Trust


Ruby Shoes (Doug’s Favorite Mix)

The Wings to Carry Me Home

River of Time

All The Tears That I Cry (Mix 1)